About Us

Where Everything Started

The BitLQ development process started with a few beginners in the trading world who wanted to become professional traders. We were a small team with something in common: we all loved trading. The problem was that none of us knew how to trade correctly.

We tried using trading bots, but most of them were not user-friendly and made things difficult for people who were just taking their first steps in trading. That was when the idea of making our own trading software popped into our minds.

As a group, we wanted to help people achieve their trading goals without needing to go through that much trouble. Yet, we had many things to learn. After taking some time to understand everything we needed to know to trade correctly, we became professional traders.

What We Want

Our goal is to help both beginners and advanced traders better understand the Crypto market so that they can make smarter decisions. To do that, we offer them a reliable and effective trading bot. You can use BitLQ right away and enjoy its features.

BitLQ helps you avoid the most difficult parts of trading. We understand how difficult and stressful trading can be. Learning how to trade is not an easy activity, but don’t worry about that. We developed BitLQ to help people who needed to ease that stress.

Our Future

The next step for us is to keep improving our trading bot’s software! Even if the full version is ready, there are tons of things to improve if we want BitLQ to be the best of the best.

We want as many people as possible to use our trading program, so we appreciate it when each one of our users signs up. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a BitLQ account! Doing it only takes a few minutes.